We are an AirCheckTexas(tm) Repair Facility

If your Check Engine light is on, the state may pay for repairs up to $600 if the qualifications are met. This process is Quick and Easy.



If your Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light is on, and your vehicle is a 1996 year model or later, the State of Texas will pay for the related repairs to your vehicle if you meet the easy guidelines and qualifications. Click on the above links to verify. If you have any questions, give us a call and we would be happy to explain.

Most people are not aware of the program due to the lack of advertising by our Texas State Congress. This program is for the majority of Texans and is not a charity program. Three dollars of every state inspection in Emission counties funds this program. If your Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light is on, you can have a State Inspection performed at any time you like, months early if you wish, and with the failure report you can apply for the program. We will help you with the easy one page application that will require the last three months of your paystubs, or last years tax return.

Our State of Texas wants to have clean air and the State wants your vehicle to be running right to keep our vehicle's emissions as low as possible. It is Easy and Simple.